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The Official 2014 Red Book - Guide to U.S. Coin Values - Spiral Bound

The Official 2014 Red Book - Guide to U.S. Coin Values - Spiral Bound
The Official 2014 Red Book - Guide to U.S. Coin Values - Spiral Bound
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How rare are your coins? How much are they worth?
The 2014 Red Book tells you.
The Red Book includes all the historical background, detailed specifications, high-resolution photographs, and accurate mintage data that turns a new coin collector into an educated numismatist.

In 1973 my dad gave me my first Red Book. The love affair with US Coins began. As a full time coin dealer and collector myself, this was the greatest gift that I ever received. It changed my life. Give a child this book and anything can happen. One thing is for certain, coin collectors always have $$$$$$$$.

Collectors love the convenience of the spiralbound edition. It opens up and lies flat on the table while you study your coin collection. Lists coins weight, diameter, and composition. This is the "67th Edition" Red Book containing more than 448 pages, with 1,974 full-color images. It prices 7,045 entries in up to 9 grades each, with more than 32,000 total valuations. Coins are listed by date, from Colonial to modern, including Presidential Dollars, State Quarters, U.S. Commemoratives, Bullion Coins, and US. Mint and Proof Sets. Important listings of die varieties and mintage numbers to help you discover valuable modern rarities in your collection. This book will help you find the price of any U.S. penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, dollar coins, silver dollars, most U.S. gold coins...even Civil War tokens. The 2014 edition features updated values, mintages, and auction records. Expanded coverage of commemoratives, sets, and other coins. The latest research on colonial coins and private/territorial gold. New higher-grade pricing for classic commemoratives.

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