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5 Pound Foreign Coin Mix...Best Value !!

5 Pound Foreign Coin Mix...Best Value !!
Coin and Antique Dealers, Foreign Coin Collectors, Teachers!!
Buy Foreign coins in bulk and SAVE!! Each five pound lot contains over 300 fascinating coins!

  • Unusual designs from Mexico, India, Germany, England, Ireland, Canada, Turkey, Italy...Carribean, Middle Eastern and Asian countries. Including many countries that don't exist the old Soviet Union!

  • A sample of the mix shows coins from the early 1800's to present. Most coins are from the middle 1900's.

  • Antique and coin dealers....your customers will be attracted by the age, history and beautiful designs of these coins.

  • Collectors...this is a great opportunity to grow your collections inexpensively!

  • Teachers...coins make great hands-on aids in teaching history, geography and math! And they make great student incentive awards for extra effort or good behavior!

Price: $49.99

Normally Ships Within 1-2 Days