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State Quarter Storage Box - Holds 50 rolls

Store your entire 10 year set of State Quarter rolls safely in this beautiful navy blue leatherette box!
  • Sectioned to hold 50 State Quarter rolls. Each roll is safe from dings and dents in it's own compartment.

  • Protects your coins from the dust and moisture that can ruin their brilliant uncirculated shine and undermine their value.

  • Holds coin tubes, plastic shrink-wrapped rolls, or paper-wrapped rolls.

  • Heavy duty Cardboard construction will not bend and break, even when full of quarter rolls!

  • Not labeled, so that you can arrange your collection as you choose. For example, you can keep all P-mint rolls in one box, and all D-mint rolls in second box.

  • Stores more quarters safely and takes up less space than any folder or album. Also, easier to transport your collection to a safe deposit box, new apartment, or coin show.

Price: $10.99
State Quarter Storage Box - Holds 50 rolls

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